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How dangerous are antipsychotics to nursing home patients?

It is of incredible importance for medical professionals at nursing homes to exercise proper care when deciding what sorts of medications to give to residents. This is because some medications have some serious side effects and dangers associated with them. One would hope medical professionals would only prescribe a nursing home resident such medications when it is appropriate for the resident's given condition. 

What are some of the signs of elder psychological abuse?

Pretty much all families who have a close relative who is in a nursing home know that it is important to keep watch for signs that their relative might be being mistreated. However, some might not be entirely clear on what specific sorts of things can constitute potential signs of abuse.

Common types of nursing home abuse

Many families here in Washington have an elderly loved one who is receiving care at a nursing home. When an elderly loved one is staying at a nursing home, it can be important for a family to keep a close watch for any signs that their loved one is possibly being subjected to mistreatment. Sadly, incidents do sometimes occur in which a nursing home doesn't prove to be the safe and caring environment it is supposed to be and a resident is subjected to conduct that is abusive.

Are nursing homes over-reporting staffing levels?

It is very important for nursing homes to maintain adequate staffing levels. Having too low of staffing levels has the potential to trigger some serious problems at nursing homes that could have major consequences for residents. For one, too low of staffing levels can make it more difficult for all of a home's residents to receive the care they need, which could lead to residents being neglected. Also, low staffing levels could mean increased levels of stress for the staff members who are present. Being overly-stressed could make a nursing home staff member more likely to make mistakes or to engage in regrettable actions towards residents.


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