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Gray Law Tacoma Sports Update

Today, Monday, January 11, 2016, I presume everyone is the state of Washington are uttering these words "HOLY MACKEREL!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! IT'S A MIRACLE!" Winners win and that is what the Seahawks are, Winners. The life lesson is obvious. Just as the players say "prepare, believe, and fight until the clock expires." More often than not the result and your destiny will be extremely positive. GO HAWKS!

Gray Law Tacoma Elder Law Update

What is Elder Law? What are Guardianships, Probates, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Special Needs Trusts? What is Medicaid Planning? Why does anybody be they by definition a vulnerable adult over the age of 65 or be they a younger family member responsible by default if you will for resolving the various issues associated with growing older, becoming more physically frail, and declining in mental and physical ability.

Physical nursing home abuse

Sadly, incidents sometimes happen in which elderly individuals are subjected to the unthinkable at nursing homes here in Washington state: abuse. One of the types of abuse that sometimes occurs at nursing homes is physical abuse.

Many different things can constitute physical abuse of an elderly individual. Some examples of physical abuse that can potentially occur to elderly residents of nursing homes are:

  • A nursing home worker committing an act of violence against them.
  • Being subjected to physical punishment at the nursing home.
  • Being force-fed by a nursing home worker.
  • Being inappropriately physically restrained by a nursing home worker. 
  • Being inappropriately chemically restrained with drugs by a nursing home worker.   

Estate value and the Washington state estate tax

There are many things that can have significant financial impacts when a person passes away. One is what the value of the deceased person's estate is. One of the financial issues estate value can substantially impact here in Washington state is the issue of state estate taxes.

For one, it can impact whether a state estate tax return will need to be filed in relation to the deceased person's estate. Under current state law, such a return is required for deceased person's estates that have a gross estate value that exceeds $2 million.

Landlord/Tenant Notices

3-Day Pay or Vacate Notice: This notice is given by a landlord to a tenant when rent is overdue. A landlord does not have to accept a late rent payment after the 3-day time limit is up. The 3-day notice must spell out how much rent is owed, but it may not include non-rent items, those types of charges should be on a ten-day notice to comply or vacate.

How dangerous are antipsychotics to nursing home patients?

It is of incredible importance for medical professionals at nursing homes to exercise proper care when deciding what sorts of medications to give to residents. This is because some medications have some serious side effects and dangers associated with them. One would hope medical professionals would only prescribe a nursing home resident such medications when it is appropriate for the resident's given condition. 

Among the drugs that have dangers associated with them are antipsychotics. Recently, a study reached some worrisome findings regarding this class of drug.

Planning for the different sorts of elder heath care costs

When a person is in their later years, one thing that can be a major source of costs for them is health care. There are many different types of health care costs an elderly individual can face. 

Some of these costs are recurring costs, like prescription drug costs and the costs of doctor visits. Others are non-recurring costs related to special or unexpected medical events, such as costs for a brief overnight nursing home stay or costs for a hospital stay. 

In estate planning, having a backup plan can be vital

It is common for a person to have very specific ideas of where exactly they want all their various assets to go when they die. Thus, it is understandable that a person, when estate planning, often puts a great deal of energy into making sure that their first choices for what will happen with their assets post-death are enshrined into their estate plan. One thing it is important for a person to not forget about though in the midst of this focus is the importance of having a backup plan in place in case their first choice for some reason isn't able to be followed through on.

What might cause a person's first choices for after-death asset distribution to not be able to be followed through on? One common reason is if the individual the person's estate plan would have given assets to died before the person the estate plan belonged to did.

What are some of the signs of elder psychological abuse?

Pretty much all families who have a close relative who is in a nursing home know that it is important to keep watch for signs that their relative might be being mistreated. However, some might not be entirely clear on what specific sorts of things can constitute potential signs of abuse.

Some potential signs of abuse are relatively obvious. For example, unexplained bumps, bruises or physical injuries on a nursing home resident can be signs of physical abuse.


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