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Estate Planning Can Involve Much More than Just a Will

Wills are probably the best-known estate planning device, and setting up a will can be a very important step when a person is making plans for what will happen with their estate when they pass away. However, it is important to remember that a well-developed estate plan can involve far more than just a will.

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What Does It Mean to ‘Die Intestate’?

Occasionally, a person may hear that someone died intestate. What does this mean? “Dying intestate” is legal terminology describing a situation in which a person died without having a will in place.

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The Different Types of Parties to A Trust

Today, we will talk about some basic trust terminology. Specifically, we will go over the terms for the three main types of parties to a trust.

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Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Many families here in Washington have an elderly loved one who is receiving care at a nursing home. When an elderly loved one is staying at a nursing home, it can be important for a family to keep a close watch for any signs that their loved one is possibly being subjected to mistreatment.

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Care Planning: Health Care Directives

Last post, we discussed one of the two main types of advanced directives here in Washington, health-care-related durable powers of attorney. Today, we will talk about the other, health care directives. Health care directives are sometimes referred to as living wills.

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Care Planning: Health-Care-Related Durable Powers of Attorney

One thing it can be very important for seniors to plan for is future medical care. Many people, during the course of their old age, end up having significant care needs and having major medical decisions arise in relation to their care.

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How Can a Will Be Revoked in Washington?

A lot can happen in a person’s life after they create a will. Thus, a person will sometimes come to the conclusion that, due to changes in their life or changes in their views and opinions, their will no longer accurately reflects what they want to have happen with their assets when they die.

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Are Nursing Homes Over-Reporting Staffing Levels?

It is very important for nursing homes to maintain adequate staffing levels. Having too low of staffing levels has the potential to trigger some serious problems at nursing homes that could have major consequences for residents.

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