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Estate value and the Washington state estate tax

There are many things that can have significant financial impacts when a person passes away. One is what the value of the deceased person's estate is. One of the financial issues estate value can substantially impact here in Washington state is the issue of state estate taxes.

Landlord/Tenant Notices

3-Day Pay or Vacate Notice: This notice is given by a landlord to a tenant when rent is overdue. A landlord does not have to accept a late rent payment after the 3-day time limit is up. The 3-day notice must spell out how much rent is owed, but it may not include non-rent items, those types of charges should be on a ten-day notice to comply or vacate.

How dangerous are antipsychotics to nursing home patients?

It is of incredible importance for medical professionals at nursing homes to exercise proper care when deciding what sorts of medications to give to residents. This is because some medications have some serious side effects and dangers associated with them. One would hope medical professionals would only prescribe a nursing home resident such medications when it is appropriate for the resident's given condition. 


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