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Estate value and the Washington state estate tax

There are many things that can have significant financial impacts when a person passes away. One is what the value of the deceased person's estate is. One of the financial issues estate value can substantially impact here in Washington state is the issue of state estate taxes.

In estate planning, having a backup plan can be vital

It is common for a person to have very specific ideas of where exactly they want all their various assets to go when they die. Thus, it is understandable that a person, when estate planning, often puts a great deal of energy into making sure that their first choices for what will happen with their assets post-death are enshrined into their estate plan. One thing it is important for a person to not forget about though in the midst of this focus is the importance of having a backup plan in place in case their first choice for some reason isn't able to be followed through on.

Estate planning can involve much more than just a will

Wills are probably the best-known estate planning device, and setting up a will can be a very important step when a person is making plans for what will happen with their estate when they pass away. However, it is important to remember that a well-developed estate plan can involve far more than just a will.

How can a will be revoked in Washington?

A lot can happen in a person's life after they create a will. Thus, a person will sometimes come to the conclusion that, due to changes in their life or changes in their views and opinions, their will no longer accurately reflects what they want to have happen with their assets when they die. When a person feels that their will is no longer consistent with their wishes, one question they may have is: how can I take the will out of force?


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